ARTANKARA International Contemporary Art Fair will be meeting art enthusiasts at ATO Congresium from March 7th to 10th, 2024, to celebrate its 10th year. The fair, commencing with an award ceremony and special showcase on March 6th, will be open to visitors from 10:00 to 20:00. Since 2015, ARTANKARA has been showcasing artworks from galleries and artists from all around the world.

What’s in ArtAnkara?

Art enthusiasts visiting the fair will be greeted by the striking sculpture titled “Republic and Woman,” created by Estonian artist Kirill Grekov specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. In the fair where artists participate through galleries rather than individually, under the roof of 150 participants from both domestic and international origins spanning across 17,500 square meters, hundreds of artists and thousands of artworks will meet art lovers.

The preview, scheduled for March 6th, will begin with a flute concert by Dominica Acs from the sister country Hungary and will conclude with the opening speech and award ceremony. National and international galleries, museums, art initiatives, private collections, art schools, art projects and art supply companies will take part. Participating galleries range from the United States to Russia, Iran, Iran, Mexico and South Korea.

Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum, Mustafa Ayaz Museum, and Imoga Istanbul Graphic Arts Museum will also meet art enthusiasts at the fair. Alongside cornerstone artists in their field such as Devrim Erbil, Bedri Baykam, Ertuğrul Ateş, Mustafa Ayaz, Ahmet Nejat, a special exhibition prepared by Kıymet Giray in memory of Şenol Yorozlu will also be presented to the audience. Some of the notable participants of the fair include the Russian House, AB Gallery from South Korea, Ester Gallery, ReArt Gallery from the United States, Kupula Art Mexico Gallery from Mexico, Gallery Soyut, Arda Art Gallery, Valör, Istanbul Concept Gallery, Gama Gallery, Grup Art Gallery, Nurol Art Gallery, Gala Art Gallery, Eskiiz Art Gallery, Galerim Art Gallery, Krişna Art Gallery, Fırça Art Gallery, Medya Art Gallery, Art Gallery, Gallery Selvin, Piramid Art, and AlarmArt.

Ankara Fine Arts High School, Ankara Music and Fine Arts University, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Başkent University, Bilim University, Gazi University Faculty of Education, Department of Painting Education, Şırnak University Faculty of Fine Arts, Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academy of Arts, and young artists from Trakya University will participate in the fair. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Çankaya Metropolitan Municipality, and Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality will also be present with their art projects and artists at ArtAnkara. Various projects such as “Say Yes to Art”, Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics and Glass Department’s “In the Footsteps of Gordium”, International Macsabal Silk Road Exhibition, Arkselection, Turkey-Hungary Cultural Year Güler Art, and many more will also meet art enthusiasts at the fair. One of the key focuses of the fair is to accommodate the increasing number of participants, visitors, collectors, and young individuals from all 81 provinces of Turkey, as well as over 300 artists from abroad, every year.

Within the scope of the fair, 32 talks and conferences will be held on various topics such as Tamer Levent “The Art of Living” signing event, Deniz Zeyrek and Muharrem Sarıkaya “Artificial Intelligence and Art”, Bedri Baykam “Contemporary Art Exhibition in the 100th year”, Asaf Erdemli and Hayrettin Karaerkek “Beyond Pixels”, Hungarian artists Frigyes König and Istvan Orosz “Beyond Borders: A Journey into Hungarian Contemporary Art”, Aleksender Shadrin “Contemporary Art of Russia”, and 32 talks and conferences on various topics. In addition, the world-famous ArtDoll artist Anya Manya, whom we have hosted in previous years, will perform live, while the exhibitions of 14 artists from the Ilya Repin Art Academy, which has trained the most important artists of Russian reality, on the second floor will be enriched with workshop live performances.  Many more artists will organize live performances and workshops every day, offering visitors a unique experience.  Between March 7-10, dozens of music concerts with different musicians will accompany art lovers at various times.

Additionally, the Köksal Education Foundation will offer various workshops, games, and artificial intelligence-supported activities for children throughout the fair. Seren Erdoğan will provide visitors with a unique experience through a wearable art stand.

This year, ARTANKARA, celebrating its 10th anniversary, aims to delve into the depths of art, bring together different cultures, and explore the pinnacle of creativity.

Strengthening art markets, providing space for new actors in the art market, emphasizing the importance of young artists, and making art more accessible and shareable are also among the significant goals of the fair. Due to the declaration of 2024 as the “Turkish-Hungarian Cultural Year,” Hungary has been chosen as the “Sister Country” of the fair.

In addition to the traditional “Artist Honor Award,” “Institution Honor Award,” and “Contribution to Art Award,” as part of the 10th year celebration of the fair, a total of 10 awards will be presented, including the “Art Writer Honor Award,” “Art Project Honor Award,” “Promising Young Artist Honor Award,” “Collector Honor Award,” “Art Museum Honor Award,” “Art Media Honor Award,” and “Sister Country Honor Award” categories.

Our fair is organized with the support of the United Painters and Sculptors Association (BRHD) and TÜSGAD. ARTANKARA, which has been presenting valuable and distinguished works to its visitors for nine years, is preparing to welcome art enthusiasts from 7th to 9th of March between 10:00-20:00, and on March 10th between 10:00-19:00 with its enriched content in its tenth year.

Tickets for the fair can be purchased either from the fair’s website or at the fair box office.

Ticket prices: Full Price: 150 TL  /  Student: 75 TL